Bylaws and Policies

Respect Your Neighbour

Itaska is a very friendly community. We have put bylaws in place to help ensure ratepayers’ needs are protected, but the best solution is to treat your neighbour as you would like to be treated. Please respect your neighbours space relative to late night guest activities, bonfire smoke, noise etc.

Copies of the bylaws and policies can be found under Bylaws.

Road Safety

Speed Limits

Within the Summer Village is 20 km / hr.

Speed Bumps
We value safety, and thus have installed speed bumps during the summer.
No Quads
The road in Itaska (Beach Avenue) is to Alberta Government standards and will be governed accordingly, including the restriction of quads being used on the road.
If you wish to put your quad onto the lake, use a truck or trailer to get the quad to the boat launch, then you may use the boat launch to put the quad / off-road vehicle onto the lake.
Road Protection
There are weight limits and restrictions to protect the road at various times during the year, such as during the Spring. Please watch for the weight restriction sign posted at the entrance to Itaska.

Some bylaws to note:


Firework usage in most cases will be limited to the long-weekends in May, July and August.


  1. A permit will be required for all firework usage. Please ensure you have the permit on you when using the fireworks.
  2. If a fire ban is issued, all permits shall be cancelled
  3. All debris created by or resulting from the use of fireworks shall be cleaned up
  4. The Permit Holder shall not discharge Fireworks:
    • Within 10 meters of any building, tent, trailer, canvas shelter or motorhome;
    • In a place or manner that creates a danger or constitutes a nuisance to any person or property;
    • On lands owned or controlled by the Summer Village, including, but not limited to, roadways, road allowances, public parks, or the municipal reserve lands abutting Pigeon Lake

Permits will be given out by the Fire Chief from the Mulhurst Fire Department. Go to our Contact Page for current phone numbers.

Fertilizer Ban

ALL fertilizer and herbicide use is banned on all property within the Summer Village of Itaska Beach

Fire Response and Bans

Fire response is provided by volunteers with the Mulhurst Bay Fire Department. The station house is 11.2 km away. There are no fire hydrants within the Summer Village.

Fire bans will be posted on the main page under News. They will also be posted on

Please note that the fire hazard across Alberta changes daily. Albertans are asked to take extra care with any type of fire this summer to ensure they don’t accidentally cause a wildfire. Alberta typically experiences about 1,600 wildfire starts a year - about half of those are caused by human carelessness.

Be aware of the costs of fire emergency services. While the Summer Village has contracted for the service to be available to your residence, it does not cover the call out fees. Contact your insurance broker to determine if call out fees are covered in your policy. Note that there are fees for any call out, examples include: False alarms, fires, medical first aid.

Bylaw Enforcement

The RCMP is used to enforce our bylaws. This includes regulating speed and parking, no dumping of debris, prohibition of use of firearms, noise, dogs, fire bans, and fireworks. The RCMP also enforce Provincial & Federal statutes.
If you see anyone committing a crime, speeding, etc. please be sure to immediately call the RCMP.  For major emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.  Visit our Contact page for more phone numbers.