Itaska Audubon Society

In July, 1976, a group of cottage owners on the South end of the beach joined together to buy 50 acres of land between Beach Avenue and the government road allowance immediately to the east and the entrance road to Itaska to the North.
The goal was to protect the land from future development and to preserve it as a bird sanctuary and nature reserve. The 27 cottage owners incorporated the Itaska Audubon Society to act as stewards for this land. Each year the Society collects dues and elects a board.
An Overview of Ecological Services Provided by the Itaska Audubon Natural Area.

More recently the Society added to original lands, by acquiring from the Village, the lots at the end of Beach Avenue and behind the Steier and Smith lots. While the land is owned by the Society, it benefits all residents of Itaska and serves as a buffer from development.

It is the intent of the society to keep the land in as natural a state as possible. The forest is a rich environment with several unique ecosystems and a large number of birds, animals and insects as well as some rare species of plants.

To help preserve this unique environment, the Audubon Society requests that residents report any trespassing by ATV’s or other vehicles and not dump branches, grass clippings or other refuse in the forest.
Let’s work together to preserve and protect the Itaska Audubon lands.

In early August the Audubon Society has its annual general meeting. All members are urged to attend and all other Villagers are invited to attend to provide input and learn about the Society.
For more information contact a member of the Audubon Society board:
Darren Fee – President (#91)
Blaine Gowing – Secretary (#93)
Janet Sperling - Director (#58 & #88)
                               Photos: Courtesy of Felix Sperling