Annual Info Meeting

Annual Information Meeting 

July 15, 2023 at 2pm at the Park

Annual Information Meeting: AGENDA  (from 2022, will be updated shortly)

1. Call to Order

2. Presentations

  • Development Update - Imai Thomas Welch, Development Officer
  • Itaska Audubon Society - Darren Fee, President
  • Itaska Yacht Club - John Haley

3. Council Reports

  • Operational Highlights for 2021 -2022
    • Park and Playground Enhancement
    • Boulevard Naturalization
    • Stormwater Drainage
    • Smith Park Beautification
    • Garbage
  • North East Pigeon Lake Regional Services Commission (NEPL) Update
  • Ice-Water Rescue Update
  • Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities (APLM) Update
    • Confined Feeding Operation
  • Financial Highlights
    • 2021 Audited Financial Statement
    • 2022 Budget
    • Taxes

5. Volunteer Thank You

6. Pigeon Lake Watershed Association - Catherine Peirce, Executive Director

7. Comments / Questions from Residents

8. Adjournment 


The Summer Village will put on an Annual Information Meeting, in which all residents are invited to attend. Council will report on events and budget decisions that were made over the previous year. Residents will also have the opportunity to ask questions.


The annual picnic is back!  We will be hosting a picnic in the park for residents after the AIM, starting at ~ 4:00 p.m.  

What should you bring:

- meat to bbq

- cutlery (there will be some disposable plates and cutlery, but you are welcome to bring your own)

- tablecloth (optional but makes your table fancier)

- possibly bathing suit and towels (in case the fire department and the kids decide to play with water!)