Protect Our Lake

Protect Our Lake

Pigeon Lake is a valuable resource - from habitat for wildlife, a source of water, enjoyment of recreational activities such as swimming, or boating, Pigeon Lake supports many people and animals. Our lake is a limited resource and proper care needs to be taken to protect this lake, not only for our generation, but for all of our children.

Here we will explain how you can help to protect the lake: understand what blue-green algae is and how to limit the nutrients that feed the growth of the algae, how to minimize development impact with proper shoreline development, as well as many resources for further information.

The APLM and Pigeon Lake Watershed Association are working together for the health of the lake.

The Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities (APLM) is a group of Elected Officials in the Pigeon Lake region whose members are from the 10 Pigeon Lake Summer Villages, County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 and Leduc County. They meet quarterly to share information and work on projects for the benefit of residents and visitors to Pigeon Lake.

     In-Lake Technical Committee Update - June 9, 2017

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     2016 Spring Newsletter

  • The members of the Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities were successful in applying for two Alberta Community Partnership grants which the Summer Village of Itaska Beach supported:
    • A grant in the amount of $200,000 for Development of An In-Lake Management Strategy for Pigeon Lake; this is a continuation of the work done by the In-Lake Technical Committee of the APLM for the exploration and investigation of potential in-lake options.
    • A grant in the amount of $185,000 for the Regional Collaboration for the Implementation of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan. 
  • The Summer Village of Itaska Beach supports the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association, as they search for ways to enhance the health of the watershed and lake. This is done through annual financial contributions that the PLWA, and helping to communicate their message through the website, newsletters and annual information meetings. 

The effort must be made by everyone - from how the land around the lake is managed (the watershed), to the lake itself, we are all partners in helping to keep the lake and environment a healthy place.