Policing & Bylaw Enforcement

Policing & Bylaw Enforcement

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provides policing service for the Summer Village of Itaska Beach, through the Thorsby detachment. The Summer Village has also entered into an Enhanced Agreement with the RCMP to provide ensure police presence within the Summer Village on a regular basis.  They enforce the bylaws in Itaska, in addition to all Provincial and Federal laws.

If you see anyone committing a crime, speeding, etc. please be sure to immediately call the RCMP.  If they get the call in the early stages, they can usually limit the escallation of issues. 

For major emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

Visit our Contact page for more phone numbers.


On-Line Property Crime Reporting

The RCMP have an on-line reporting system for certain property crimes.

The reporting mechanism can be access through this WEBSITE

Online Crime Reporting Poster

Rules of the Road

The speed limit on Beach Avenue is 20 kilometers per hour.  Quads are not allowed on our road.
For the protection of our roads there are weight restrictions which can vary throughout the year.  Watch for the weight restriction sign at the entrance to the village.


Rules on the Water

Pigeon Lake is a great place to enjoy watercraft.  
Please be aware of the 10 kilometer per hour speed limit within 100 meters of the shoreline.
This is unique to Pigeon Lake, as many other lakes require the 10 kilometer speed at only 30 meters from the shore.
Buoys are usually placed at the 100 meter mark to help boaters estimate the distance.