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Volunteer for CRASC Assessment Review Board

July 27 2023
At the present time Capital Region Assessment Services Commission has 5 qualified Assessment Review Board (ARB) Panelists. 10 Panelists are needed to effectively operate the ARB program. The time commitment is minimal, and the hearings are usually held from July to December. Panelists get paid for each hearing they attend plus expenses as per CRASC policy.  Nearly all hearings take place via virtual platform and usually last 2 to 3 hours.  
The Tribunal provides certification training for ARB members. This is required training pursuant to Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation (AR 310/2009) and Ministerial Order M:001/14.
After successful completion of the training program, the member will receive their ARB certification. ARB certification is valid for 3 years from the date the training program is completed. Certified members must complete a 'refresher' training program every 3 years to maintain their ARB certification. All courses are online. Participants are required to participate through video and audio during the session.
The ARB New Member course covers: 
  • Administrative Law
  • Principles of Assessment
As of 2023 this course is delivered in 5, 3-hour online sessions. The morning sessions are 8:30 to 11:30 am and the afternoon sessions are 1 to 4 pm; this will likely for the same for 2024. Successful completion of an online exam within 7 days of the course date is required to obtain certification. The training is typically offered on various dates with February to June. 
For reference these are the training dates available for 2023 and will again will likely be similar for 2024.
  • February 6 to 10
  • February 27 to March 3
  • May 1 to 5
  • June 12 to 16
For more information please visit :
or connect with the Land and Property Rights Tribunal:
Phone: 780-427-2444
Fax: 780-427-0986
Please see attached Recruitment Profile for additional details about becoming a Certified ARB Member. Potential panelist nominations must be submitted before Aug 31, 2023. 
Successful candidates will be contacted by CRASC by Sep 30/2023, and required to sign the CRASC Code of Conduct for Members.
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