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Notice: Snow Ploughing

February 4 2021
When ploughing snow from your driveway, it must be managed on your own property.  It cannot be pushed onto the Summer Village roadway or ditch.  
The reasoning for this is:
-  There is a potential for flooding from the ditch during the spring.  The ditch is there to manage the snow from the road, and this year especially we have had the ditch being filled up with water from a spring that was still flowing in January.  So when the water does start to melt in the spring, there is the potential that the road could flood, especially if we continue to get more snow.  We will be monitoring this to ensure the culverts are not frozen, but are asking for your assistance to not fill the ditches more with snow from your property.
— Even with being careful, there will likely be gravel pushed into the ditch. This can cause damage to the roadway, as well as causes extra costs to spring cleaning as the gravel needs to be removed from the ditch before mowing can happen.
We respectfully ask that you do not push any snow into the ditches.
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