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Monthly Tax Payments

December 2 2020

The Summer Village offers a monthly payment plan to pay your property taxes throughout the year.  This plan allows property owners to pay their property taxes in monthly instalments from January to December. The tax payments would be automatically withdrawn from your account on the 1st of each month. 

Starting January 1st, the monthly amount, calculated based on the previous year's taxes, will be withdrawn from your account.  On August 1st, the amount would be adjusted based on the current year's taxes, so that by December 31, your tax account would be at $0.

If you wish to join the Instalment Plan program, please fill out the form below, and e-mail it to our office, along with a void cheque Property Tax Instalment Plan - form to complete

Property Tax Instalment Bylaw

If you do not wish to join the program, that is okay, and you would continue to pay one lump-sum which is due by July 31 each year.

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