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Crime Prevention

September 23 2020
  As we enter the "off-season" in our lakeside community, it's time to take another look at how to protect your property.
The RCMP recommend the following:
Light up the night
If anyone comes around any points of the house, does it light up? Install motion detector lights on all sides of your house and keep your porch light on at night.
Nowhere to hide
Bushes, trees shrubbery, should be down low so you have a clear view of the house. People shouldn't be able to get behind that 12-foot high hedge and break their way into your house unseen.
Secure your tools
Don't keep a window open, and don't leave a ladder unlocked in the backyard. Burglars don't walk around with all the things they need to get into a house. When they get into your backyard, the first place they're going to is the toolshed to see what's in there that they can use to break into the house. Lock them up!
Get to know your neighbours
Have someone check on your home when you're away for extended periods. Have lights on a timer that come on and off at different times. And ask someone to remove papers and flyers from the driveway and entranceways.

Police regularly seize stolen property and aim to return it to its rightful owners. You can help recover your valuables in the event of theft.
Mark it - Engrave equipment/valuables in a discreet location.
Document it - Photograph equipment/valuables and record serial numbers and engraving details.
Store it - Keep all documentation in a safe place.
Taking these simple steps could significantly increase your chances of having stolen items returned if they are ever recovered by police.

The RCMP have an excellent Guidebook for Seniors Safety and Security.
The Antifraud Centre can keep you updated on the most recent fraud scams.
To follow crime activities in our area, you can look at the RCMP Crime Map
Local law enforcement telephone numbers can be found here.

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