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leaf-water-touchPigeon Lake is a valuable resource - from habitat for wildlife, a source of water, enjoyment of recreational activities such as swimming, or boating, Pigeon Lake supports many people and animals. Our lake is a limited resource and proper care needs to be taken to protect this lake, not only for our generation, but for all of our children.

Here we will explain how you can help to protect the lake: understand what blue-green algae is and how to limit the nutrients that feed the growth of the algae, how to minimize development impact with proper shoreline development, as well as many resources for further information.

Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities and Pigeon Lake Watershed Association are working together for the health of the lake:

     Clean Runoff Video  Clean Run Off Video

     In-Lake Technical Committee Update - June 9, 2017

     2017 Winter Newsletter

     2017 Spring Newsletter

     2016 Winter Newsletter

     2016 Spring Newsletter

Some of the initiatives the Summer Village of Itaska Beach is involved in:

  • Mayor Johnston is a member of the In Lake Technical Committee. They are investigating solutions for in-lake treatment. A $245,000 regional grant was received to investigate, plan and implement a pilot project. A workshop was completed in February, 2014 with experts from around the world, that investigated solutions for in-lake treatment. Under ice testing of the lake was completed in March, 2015, and summer testing will be completed in 2015. If through the testing it is found that a pilot project would be feasible, Itaska Beach has budgeted $150 per lot to assist with the project.
  • Here is a map of the Pigeon Lake Algae Sampling Sites for 2015. This testing is being done by the In Lake Technical Committee for interaction with Alberta Health Services on results for improved Algae Advisories.
  • The process that Alberta Health Services uses for posting algae advisories has been modified; the advisories will state that areas with a bloom should be avoided, but also that those areas without a bloom could be safely used. This represents a major victory for all Alberta lakes, as it acknowledges that the lake may be safely used if the bloom is not visible.
  • Councillor Nielsen is a committee member for the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan. They "recommend action-oriented watershed policies and best practices that support the long-term health, protection and restoration of the watershed." They have released information on cosmetic fertilizers, a report on the phosphorus budget of the lake, a model land use bylaw, and are currently working on best practices for storm water management.
  • Councillor Redl attended a conference dealing with aquatic invasive species in Alberta lakes. One of the major initiatives being put forward by the Province is water craft inspection, and educating the public on how to stop invasive species from entering the lake, through their "Clean, Drain, Dry" campaign. More information can be found on the Alberta Parks website.
  • The Summer Village of Itaska Beach supports the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association, as they search for ways to enhance the health of the watershed and lake. This is done through annual financial contributions that the PLWA, and helping to communicate their message through the website, newsletters and annual information meetings. 
The effort must be made by everyone - from how the land around the lake is managed (the watershed), to the lake itself, we are all partners in helping to keep the lake and environment a healthy place.

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