Land Use Bylaw Revisions

Land Use Bylaw Revisions

Land Use Bylaw Revisions

The Summer Village has formed a Land Use Bylaw Committee to address proposed revisions to our Land Use Bylaw. The revisions are intended to preserve the simplicity of the current Bylaw to the extent we can while implementing necessary changes in three categories:

1. Changes required to address shortcomings or failures in the current Bylaw;

2. Changes required by law to ensure that the Bylaw accords with the Summer Village’s new Municipal Development Plan and the 2019 Summer Villages of Itaska Beach, Sundance Beach, Golden Days, and Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan; and

3. Potential changes arising out of the good work of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee

For your reference: Current Land Use Bylaw: Land Use Bylaw 2005-01MC Land Use Bylaw Watershed Regulations: A Discussion Guide for Pigeon Lake Municipalities that was developed for the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan (PLWMP)

Steering Committee Volunteer Committee Members: Rex Nielsen, Hal Smith, Bill Page, David Alton and Jim Murphy.

The Committee also has the benefit of working with the Summer Village’s Development Officer, Imai Welch.

Your Feedback

Our current Land Use Bylaw was driven by public input and consultation. We want to continue in that spirit, and we want to hear from you. A copy of the current Land Use Bylaw is attached, and we are asking for your advice on the following points:

· Have you or your neighbours encountered any difficulties in working with the current Land Use Bylaw?

· Are you satisfied with the current Land Use Bylaw provisions in terms of such things as building heights, setbacks from property lines, guest cottages and RV control?

· Are there any subjects that are not dealt with in our current Land Use Bylaw that you think should be addressed?

We would like to hear from you by February 10, 2021. Your thoughts will be provided directly to the Land Use Bylaw Committee who have started their work on this project in earnest. We look forward to receiving your comments by email to: