Itaska Clean Runoff Questionnaire

Posted on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at 01:09PM

Message from Hal Smith re: Itaska Clean Runoff Questionnaire

At the request of Susan Ellis/The PLWA, Bill Page and I created an information document with Clean Runoff information and a questionnaire. We distributed it this Summer, talking directly with as many Itaska owners as we could. I hope our message was clear - the need for action by all of us is imperative in order to improve and, on an ongoing basis, to maintain the water quality in our lake. We were very fortunate this year that the algae arrived as late as it did, but that is not an indication that the problem is getting any better.

As of September 18th we have only received 13 completed questionnaires back. So, if you have not already done this, it is very important for you to fill out and return the Clean Runoff Action Questionnaire - for two reasons:
1. It will get you thinking about what part you can play to help our lake, and hopefully, stir you to act.
2. It will provide data for us to give our Itaska Village Council, the PLWA and other agencies showing the extent of our commitment. That in turn will give us an advantage when pushing various government agencies at the municipal, provincial, and federal level to provide more assistance in cleaning up the blue-green algae problem at Pigeon Lake.

The PLWA is hoping that our Itaska initiative has been, or will be, undertaken by other villages around Pigeon Lake, but we should all take pride in the fact that our beach is taking the lead.

If you have not already done so, please either scan and email your completed questionnaire to Bill Page at or drop it off at Bill's cottage, #90 Itaska.

[NOTE: Lost your questionnaire or didn't get one? Email Bill and he'll be happy to email one back to you.]

Thank you for listening... for caring... and most importantly, for acting!

...Hal Smith, #55 Itaska

Author:Summer Village of Itaska Beach


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