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Please look in the resources for a sample letter to send to your MLA regarding the untreated sewage being dumped into Pigeon Lake.


Presentation to the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association on April 12, 2008

The Summer Village of Itaska is proud to be a part of the North-East Pigeon Lake Sewer System (NEPL).  All cottages in Itaska must be connected to the sewer line. The other Municipalities in the NEPL are Golden Days, Argentia, Silver Beach and the County of Wetaskiwin (Mulhurst Bay & District). 

In the remaining six Summer Village Municipalities and the County of Leduc there is a wastewater problem impacting the water quality of Pigeon Lake through no collection and treatment system that encompasses all utilized lots within the respective Municipality.  While there is some hauling of wastewater by truck to the NEPL Mulhurst treatment lagoon it is only a small percentage of the total sewage being generated.  The remaining wastewater unfortunately for the nonparticipating ratepayers seeps into the lake through a variety of methods.  This in turn pollutes the Lake and thus causes the “Algae Blooms”.

The NEPL has been very active in working with the Province of Alberta at the respective Departments to correct this problem.  The “Action Plan being pressed by the NEPL and adopted by the Province is to firstly ban the land dumping of all & any sewage in the Pigeon lake watershed effective July 2006.  The second thrust of the NEPL is to deal with the real issue on wastewater in Pigeon Lake and other Provincial watershed lake resources, with outdated sewer systems leaking and polluting the lake. 

Everyone needs to recognize that there are four provincial Departments with responsibility on this current issue and that they need to resolve amongst themselves who will be the “Lead Agency”.  The four respective Departments are Alberta Environment, Municipal Affairs, Health and Wellness and Infrastructure and Transportation.  The focus of this Government of Alberta group through a “Lead Agency” will be to:

  1. Prepare a plan by respective watershed to ensure adequate wastewater collection and treatment is achieved within the respective Watershed regardless of where located in Alberta.
  2. Ensure that all Summer Villages are fulfilling their obligations for development, including new and stronger wastewater treatment and collection Bylaws, and the adherence to the appropriate newly enhanced building requirements and codes.
  3. Educate property owners on the impacts of their activities on the health on the respective Lake and reasons for any beach closures.

As part of this initiative, the NEPL recently received 80% funding from the Province to build a $4.4 million lagoon.  This will increase the service capacity at the existing Mulhurst Lagoon, and assist with the transition to a Regional Lagoon for those not yet on a sewer system.  This funding is a result of the NEPL's efforts to aggressively push for elimination of all wastewater getting into Pigeon Lake through any means.


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