2017 Planned Projects

Road:The grade from the front entrance to ~ #14 Itaska Beach will be re-graded, as the centre it built up too much.

Dust Control: A more environmentally friendly product will be used for dust control this year.  MG-30 (calcium chloride/magnesium hydroxide) will be applied using a similar application process as calcium chloride. It is an approved product through Alberta Transportation, and is becoming more of the industry standard because it is more moderate on the soil and vegetation than the straight calcium chloride. It is less corrosive than rain water. It does contain some calcium chloride, but the magnesium hydroxide acts as an inhibitor in the product. The cost will increase by $488 from last year, which can still be covered through Provincial Grant funding.

Ditch Project: Correct a portion of ditch in conjunction with feedback with the Audubon Society and recommendations from the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan. This would allow for a safer ditch, easier to maintain, that would be designed with healthy lake runoff qualities in mind.

Boat Launch: Widen the boat launch gate & install additional ties to accommodate larger boats / vehicles. This project needs approval through Alberta Environment and Parks, as well as a License of Occupation. Both applications are in the approval process, and work cannot proceed until those applications are approved. This will likely be late summer, so if you need to launch a larger boat in the spring, you will need to use the Mulhurst or Provincial boat launches.

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