Any development on your lot requires a development permit.  If you are considering doing any work, please APPLY EARLY, as development applications require a number of documents to be completed. After approval, there is also a 21 day waiting period.

Once your development permit has been approved, you will need to get the necessary permits (building, gas, plumbing, electrical) from Superior Safety Codes Inc.

All shoreline work requires a permit from Alberta Environment and Parks. 

For new sewer line connections to the main line, an inspection needs to be done by NEPL - North East Pigeon Lake Sewer Commission prior to it being covered it up. Contact the County of Wetaskiwin at (780) 352-3321 to request the inspection. They do not need to ask for an inspection if there was already a connection to the main line, and they are just re-building their cabin and connecting at the house. There is no fee for the connection.

Development Application 

Security Deposit Agreement

Call Before You Dig: 1-800-242-3447 AlbertaOneCall

For natural gas lines, visit or call 1-800-242-3477 to request locates at least two working days before the start of any digging project.

The Summer Village of Itaska Beach's Development Officer can be contacted as follows:
Imai Thomas Welch
Phone: (403) 819-8352


Road Permits

A permanent road ban is in effect within the corporate limits of the Summer Village for the entire calendar year. The road ban shall impose up to a seventy-five percent (75%) axle weight restriction.  A seasonal road ban is in place during spring breakup or any other time the road is at risk of damage.  The seasonal road ban shall be at 50% axle weight restriction.

Roadata Services Ltd. manages the permits for the Summer Village of Itaska Beach, and inputs the information into the Provincial Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS).  To get a permit, please call: 1-888-830-7623.

Shoreline Development

A development permit is required, as well as Alberta Environment and Parks must be contacted before any shoreline development: Shoreline Modification. Please visit their site for more information:

Legal Plans

Plan 1534 ET

Plan 1695 HW

Plan 3837 HW

Plan 3995 KS

Plan 4843 KS

Plan 032 1138

Plan 792 1593

Plan 822 3270

Plan 832 2570

Map of Itaska


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